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Neon Borders is a collaborative exploration between artists Megan Stone and Kate Garman. Both have personally investigated geometrical line work and the use of colors both subtle and vibrant. Gurisko's work plays with contrasting elements of color, shape, and pattern through layers of paint and paper. Garman's work is seen in the form of sculptural wall hangings that fuse contemporary colors and pattern with traditional textile techniques, such as weaving.

Neon Borders was part of a one night art hop, Art.Downtown, in downtown Grand Rapids, MI along South Division Avenue, also known as the Avenue for the Arts corridor. Expanding from the Avenue for the Arts corridor in the Heartside Neighborhood to Kendall College of Art and Design and Devos Place in central downtown, this one night event features several hundred artists in dozens of galleries, businesses, and studio spaces around downtown Grand Rapids. This show, Neon Borders was hosted at 87 Orange Photography, a local portrait photography studio.