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Patterns are all around us. In the knitted fibers on our clothes, the seating on the bus, even the way in which our classes are arranged. It's the way in which we see depth and a way in which to organize ourselves. Patterns give us, as viewers, something to hold onto, whether it's a way of camouflaging or setting restrictions to how the work is done. These patterns are set rules of which we follow to visually please ourselves. While patterns may not always be at the forefront, they are the framework in which the structure can be held together. Beyond Material: Pattern's Presence explores the ways in which patterns can be used as a way of creation; as a camouflaging technique or as objects themselves becoming a pattern.

Artists: Kelly McKaig, Miriam Slager, Liz Ensz, Sally England, Sage Dawson, Mandy Cano Villalobos, Jessica Pleyel, Dulcee Boehm