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Beyond Material: Past and Present examines the experimental process of deconstructing what has existed before in order to create a new context for consideration. What does it mean to take apart one object in order to create another? The reuse and reconstruction of materials becomes a process that values re-connection and renewal by bringing together and acknowledging history with the present.

Through the re-purposing of used tea bags into a quilt or the studies of household waste, the remixing of materials takes the viewer beyond the realm of traditional textile forms. While such techniques as weaving, stitching and sewing are shown, similar principles such as repetition are seen through a fiber lens. Old becomes new connecting the previous maker to the current one. Found photographs and children’s clothing, deconstruct and come back together in the form of small quilts, questions of the previous owners or people depicted in the images come forward. Why have these objects been discarded and what happens to the value assigned to the previous object?

Artists: Mandy Cano Villalobos, Miriam Wassenaar, Christine Mauersberger, Erin Minckley Chlaghmo, Rita Grendze, Kelly McKaig, Ann Chuchvara, Dulcee Boehm, Sage Dawson, Marcelyn Bennett-Carpenter

Photo credit: Sarah Lillegard